About Us



Welcome to Kids on the Spectrum, a unique directory of Australian services, businesses, products and events specifically for kids and young people with Autism. This directory has been created by parents who also have amazing kids with Autism.

Kids on the Spectrum was directly established out of the vast amount of services and products available but the difficulty in finding all of these services via an internet search. As parents we spent many hours searching for products, services or programs to make our children’s lives easier. Even after many years we are still stumbling upon links and companies that offer amazing things for kids with Autism. 

We felt there had to be a better way, and so Kids on the Spectrum was born. A web page listing all those services, products and companies in one spot.  

All of the listings in Kids on the Spectrum, are free and this website is funded by advertising and sponsorship. We thank those organisations that have supported us and ask that you give them your support as without them this resource would not be available.

Kids on the spectrum is compiled from local knowledge, Not for Profit organisations and referrals. No doubt we’ve overlooked some amazing companies and service providers and we apologise for any omissions. If you’re a provider of services directly related to or for Kids with Autism, and you would like to be included in a free listing, or would like to discuss a Priority listing on our page please contact us with your details.   



Why do some listings have links?

- If the listing is a charity or government organisation we will provide a link. If you would like to prioritize your listing, which will include a link please contact us 

Do we endorse companies listed?

- No, Kids on the spectrum does not claim to have tried or endorses any product or services, we simply are a directory to help you locate services that may assist your family. 

Do we have products for sale?

- No, we are purely a directory.

Why is my business not in the directory?

- We only list businesses who provide goods and services that may be of benefit to Children on the Autism Spectrum, If you feel you should be included please contact us.

There is a mistake with my listing?

Sorry about that! Send us a message or email us and we will fix it ASAP

Are we a charity?

No, Kids on the Spectrum is a profit for purpose organisation, we aim to provide a service as well as support our family, we also have amazing children with Autism. We hope to grow to become an employer of young people with Autism in the future. 

Who is our web site aimed at?

- Our web site is aimed at parents and carers with children between the ages of 0 and 25, we aim to make the world more accessible by letting you know what products and service are out there in the world. We want to make your child's life more fulfilling. Our page lists all products and services to hopefully cater for all abilities. 


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